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When you are browsing a site with many interesting links that you would like to share, it is just tedious to have to follow this sequence for each link:

1- Holding tap to see options.

2- Share link.

3- Select the medium (messaging app, email, ...) [+ possibly scroll the list to reach the desired option]

4- Select contact person (in case of a messaging app) [+ possibly scroll the list to reach the desired option]

5- Confirm sending within the selected medium.

Hence, I've thought it would be really nice to be able to save a link into a kind of "Share links later" list, so that once you have finished creating the list, you only have to follow the previous steps just a single time.

That would save us a lot of time!

I have come up with this idea while sharing multiple products of an ecommerce from a smartphone. From this point of view, maybe you get a closer perspective of its practicality.

I hope the community considers this feature request as valuable as I do!

PS: perhaps limiting the list to a certain amount of links would be something to think/care about, but that would be secondary.

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