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Making moves
Status: New idea

I would like it if the TV version of Firefox was ported to LG WebOS, available to download from LG's software store, to use on my LG/WebOS Telly.

New member

Is it yet possible to get Firefox on an LG smart TV ?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

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New member

I wonder if any community developer would accept a donation to create a version of Mozilla Firefox for LG Smart TV with WebOS system.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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New member

It would be awesome to have firefox on a lg tv with webos.

New member

Please make it happen! Miss Firefox and VPN on my smarttv.

New member

This I always miss. Time to time just checking the LG store if my beloved Foxy daisy pops up there. It would be nice if she arrives there no later than on 20th FireFox anniversary.

I switched to FF around Christmas 2004 and despites strange looks around me I am still loyal!


And next Xmas maybe new OLED arrives, so this would be for me like Christmas and Easters in 1 day (born on Christmas eve on top of that).

WebOS is linux based - should not be mission impossible or re-inventing whole thing as it has similar roots as android.

Good luck if you decide to make it happen! There will be one more happy neerdo