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Strollin' around
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I hope this is a good place for my idea. It would be great if Mozilla Team could add two-level tab stacks like in vivaldi. This is a great feature especially for Firefox users who have hundreds of tabs and would like to group them (work, music, projects). I've been using Firefox for years and I like how it's easy to have a lot of tabs and they don't shrink like in e.g. google chrome (terrible!).

I really miss this feature and I hope Mozilla Team will consider this idea and add it to the new version of Firefox.


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Familiar face

This belongs in the "Tab Grouping" thread, but yes, I would love to see Tab Stacks in Firefox.

If not by default, then at least through some kind of extension.

Strollin' around

@MintMain21 I would prefer to see this feature by default. The extension may not be supported by the author and there may be problems with making a backup of bookmarks.

Strollin' around

Now if we have a lot of tabs and we want to group them somehow, we have to open multiple windows or have several browsers running.

Making moves

Good idea.

I'd prefer this idea to be natively integrated into firefox, but extensions should also be able to manage tabs when arranged in two-levels, like opening and closing tab in different stacks, saving and loading sessions...

I think that the stacks should be treated like "workspaces": tab should never automatically move from one stack to another (the user can move them, if needed). Also the stacks should not change automatically: when I'm viewing a particular stack and open a bookmark that bookmark should be opened in current stack. When I close a tab I should remain in current stack (never be moved to another stack).



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I would really love to see stacked tabs in Firefox.

Just switched to Firefox from Vivaldi and the leak of tab management bugs me the most.

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- Is it possible to stack the Tabs, so I bave multiple tabs in on stack of the same website? It works fine on Chrome.

- Refreshibg the website by swiping quickly down would be a nice QoL change.

- More Addons are needed. The Desktop version has a way more

- An option to translate a website fron a foreign language to the current language used would be awesome



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Yes please to tab stacks 🙂

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Yes I'd love to have that feature please 🙂