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Status: New idea

   I want to make the suggestion to Mozilla that they create a tool that speeds up videos in Mozilla Firefox.

Google has an extension called Video Speed Controller that slows / speeds up videos and it is one of the top tools that I use.

I use it for speeding through things like educational videos (like tutorials), or to quickly see if a video is what I'm looking for or is worth my time, or to slowly play a video to catch something (what was said or shown), etc.

It's been such a blessing.

I wouldn't want to be without it, and I'm confident that many people feel the same way about having a speed control tool to watch videos in their browser.

It just seems to me a given that browsers would have a speed control tool.

I like that Google's speed control extension speeds up to many times the normal video speed, and if Mozilla does create a speed control tool I wish that they would make it speed up videos, at least, all the way up to 7 times as fast (yes, I really use such high speeds at times, it comes in very handy).

Hoping my feedback will be considered and implemented,





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