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Hail all:

So, I have a "few" extensions on my Firefox Version 122.0.2365.92 x64, which ... do not fit onto my nifty Extension Bar.
And yes, I use them all.
These range from picture downloaders over editor-support to a Cookie Editor.
All in all, I have, I think, over 60 extensions.
If not even more ... . :S (And no, I have no bad case of "Collectoritis, no.  😛 . As said, I actually use them all, frequently (Not at the same time, obviously.  XD ).).
So, several just do not make it on my "tiny, tiny bar".

And thus, in comes a simple idea:
"Extension Drawers".
Basically, it are just ... well ... drawers, which can contain a certain amount of Extensions.
These could be in the "Customise Extension Bar" menu, a "box" which you place in the Extension Bar, in which you can simply drop Extensions (Or remove by taking one or more out and place it/them elsewhere, be it the Extension Bar, or another "Drawer".), though a simple menu.

The "Drawers" could be named (like in Edge, the Tab-Groups (Group-Tabs?), and maybe coloured, for people like me, who cannot read, only write ( XD )?

I do not think, it would be a "big add-on", I have been looking for an extension that just might do the tri ... erm, cleaning, more, alas, no such an extension found.

And so, I come to you, with a "Drawer" (Or "Box", or "Sock", whichever one prefers to stash their Extensions in, away but still within immediate reach when needed ... .) idea.
It just might help others, as well, be it in a similar case like me, or, just to sort things out, or declutter their Extension Bar by dropping less used Extensions in such a "Drawer" (Or "Box, or  "Sock" .... ).

Hope people will like this idea.

Kindest regards:

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