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Status: New idea

Currently, there are also websites that require the same login with different passwords below the same main page, for example "" and "". But the password manager only allows saving one password for the same login name for these examples (translated Message: "An entry for <domain> with this user name already exists. Open existing entry?"). But why?

Suggested solutions:

Change the error message "duplicate account under the same login" to a warning/note and allow the duplicate login to be saved.

1. Adding a short optional note allows the user to decide which of the domain-matching logins is the right one. Adding an input field for the short note to the password editor. When logging in to a website, add the short note to the selection display of possible logins (if several)
or / and

2. when automatically selecting suitable logins for a website, the complete URL stored with the login (i.e. instead of "https://www.example .com" the entire URL "") should be used to find suitable logins (e.g. if the opened URL starts with the stored URL) and to fill the found login into the login form or if more than one into the suggestion popup.

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@Userfriendly let me know if this aligns with your post — if so, we can merge the threads (and combine the votes) to keep the conversation focused in one space.