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I'm very often using the esc key to stop a website from loading ads. Usually you're just interested in the text which normally is loaded at first since these are just some kilobytes. Afterwards the ads are loaded, which takes some time. So hitting the esc key should stop the loading of the site and therefore work as a kind of adblocker. Unfortunately there are some websites that aggressively "refresh" the loading of the website again and again causing me to hit the esc key fast several times. This is very annoying.

Easy solution: Once you hit the esc key, loading data for this specific tab is completely stopped until you klick the next link or refresh manually. A website should not be allowed to reload/refresh on its own. This would work as a great manual "adblocker"

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Making moves

YES! Not sure if I dreamt this but I think someone else was asking about it on reddit or maybe even here recently. Having Esc stop a page in its tracks would make FF feel more responsive.