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Hi, thank you for the Thunderbird app - I like it so much, but there are some problems with the emails filtering. There is a list of proposing changes, please see below.

- global filtering - right now there is no option to set the global filter for all accounts, eg. all incoming mail, before spam filter if it contains the characters '/o2' in the subject than just delete it without hesitation.. right now I need to create the filter for each account and select some desired folder which is insane because it is tedious and it won't work if the email somehow will come to another folder even in the same account. what I expect is to have ability to filter everything which is incoming and I don't care for witch folder and witch account it is currently landing. For the rules like move to desired folder etc. the folder structure can be always recreated or such rule automatically not executed - depends on users requirement; current filtering may stay as it is, but global may be used before current and be a new feature actually

- one click super filter / spam killer - i need the ability to just click and create the global rule (like described earlier) for the spam mail that I know it will be coming constantly, current rules for subject, body, cc, etc. may apply, but the procedure to create such filter should be very simple, I know that there is such possibility to click on subject or whatever to create the rule from it but I need it simpler - maybe something like create the rule based on profile (xyz: delete all incoming based on subject before spam check) would be sufficient

- ability to quickly create global filter on multiple emails based on eg: email subject of that email or sender, just to remove freaking spam again - i don't ever need to see this crap incoming to me and usually I know what exactly is in subject area or the sender name of such emails.

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