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Status: New idea

Hi Team,

I would like to request an feature where we can drag and drop an image from another website to another web page (example: service-now). When I drag the image and drop it in the tab where I need to upload the tab loads the image instead of uploading it. I can drag and drop an image which is saved on my local drive upload, but not do it for an online image.

This function is available in Chrome, but I prefer Firefox . So, it would grateful have the feature in Firefox

Thank you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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This is also a feature I've wished for from time to time.  To be a bit more explicit, though ...

I believe that the current behavior is correct when dragging and dropping an image onto non-input areas of a web-page.  For instance, there's nothing else to be done if an image is dropped onto text or another image or a horizontal rule or empty page space, etc.

BUT, if the image is dragged and dropped onto an appropriate input area, then I believe that its URL or the image itself should be entered into the input area.  Many web pages are designed to accept a dragged and dropped image file on some part of them, and being able to drag images from one website to another, in addition to the currently-available option of dragging and dropping files from the OS file system, would be great.  Just as these pages can infer the file location from dragging and dropping the OS file icon into place, it would be nice if they could infer it from images dragged and dropped from a web page.  Depending on what the input area is expecting and plans to do with it, it can display the URL or use it to initiate download.

As a concrete example of a site which allows this, there is , which looks like this when it first loads:



The text field changes when a file is dragged from the OS onto the page; an image file is accepted there as input ONLY if it is dropped INSIDE the indicated area; otherwise, it is opened as a new web page.  It looks like this:


One can drag and drop an image from another web page onto the target area, but since it expects a file location and is getting a raw image, it then switches to prompting for entry of text indicating the image's URL.  It would be nice if the browser could sense the need and handle the switcheroo (i.e. passing the correct information), if this is possible to do.

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Also, drag and drop of images to input areas inside one page is very useful feature for some web apps working in chrome. Basically it is the same feature being requested above but with single web page in mind. One example is popular automatic1111's stable diffusion web ui.

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That's a good point, Mitya12342.  Firefox should allow dragging an image onto appropriate input fields/areas from ANY web page/tab/window -- including the page(s) containing the input fields/areas as well as other pages.

For that matter, if possible, it should even accept images from other browsers, as described above (other instances of Firefox as well as other companies' browsers).  And, if possible, from other programs that allow images to be selected & dragged from them.  (We may as well ask, with polite thank yous to the wonderful people doing the work!  Thank you!)

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This function is available almost everywhere but not in Firefox. It is really curious that it is not implemented in FF. That's why I prefer using other web browsers.

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This is the only feature preventing from fully switching over.