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I recently moved from windows 10 to windows 11. The fireFox in windows 10 does not save username if I tell fireFox do not save the password. However, FireFox does not behave the same in windows 11.

I would suggest firefox do not save username if user tell firefox do not save password for security reason. Firefox only saves username if user asks firefox to save password.

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This sounds like it is either a Windows problem, or a Firefox bug. I guess it's better to wait some Mozilla dev to give their verdict, but this may be more Bugzilla's material than Connect's.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Frank168 & @Ekol, this has been shared with our Lead Engineer on the Password Management team ... they'll be jumping in this thread here soon with a response. Stay tuned 😃


Firefox should work the same on Windows 10 or Windows 11 or Linux or Mac OS. Do you see username stored in Passwords or do you see autocomplete with username, but no icons in that autocomplete? If it's latter, then this is Form History, a generic capture and filling for any field.

You can control Form History in Settings > Privacy & Security > History > Use custom settings for history