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Making moves
Status: New idea

To delete (free PC of having unused) Tabs is SUPER USEFULL !
Isnt it ? ( left / right / the other )

What about ALL the INSTANCIES of Firefox, that we/ One might to get rid of ?

A OPTION could be "below" (i am German " DATEI " // it may be in MAIN MENUE " FILES " )
files menue.

AS WELL in ( shut off // other // left // right TABS ------- and below // shut off otther TASKS / Windows / INSTANCES / ... dont know to describe )


How many  Instances do you "clean" theses days ?  EACH DAY ! Every Hour, Eveny - what ever ??????
BY klicking " X" ?!

Did you get it ?!





Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

You mean close all other windows?

Or do you mean close all websites of a domain say

Making moves

Hi, thanx for question.

I intend ( sorry for german poor english ) ::

Having a lot of instances of ff open ( a lot of windows // in windows // dont know in linux or else )

DO / DO / DO :/. hoover your mouse on the tasklist ( you see all ff instances with actual tabs ) ./:

So !!!

Have ONE of them IN ACTUAL WORKING NEED WANTED " mode" ( where you look at )

YOU may like : OH GOD !? Can i get ALL the others closed " all at once " !?

AS I can do " within"  a instance like " close other tabs ... left / other / right >" >?


I am in an instance >NOW >" this comment-page / some newspaper and / what ever .. "

If i go to another >"instance of ff , i have opened " five tubes for growing tomatoes "

In another " some for receipes for my sourtough to bake bread "

I can tell you, there are so many instances with " nice looking girlies ".


If i would ( should be understandable ) i want to free my "ram" and concentrate ONLY to tomatoes

i could like to " get all other OFF ".



YES : I cna clic a thumb off at win tasklist. YES i CAN !