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Status: New idea

Hello Mozilla,

Please bring the ability to completely sync theme and Toolbar across devices in the future!

I'm tired of having re-organized everything once I installed Firefox on a new PC. Every time I install Firefox on a new PC, the theme is gone, and my Toolbar layout reverted back to the. I've installed one of the limited "Colorways" themes on my main PC, but it can't be synced to my newly bought computer. And having to re-organize every customization I did to my Firefox on my main computer on the new PC is just exhausting. I just ended up using Chrome on my new PC. You know, BECAUSE IT SYNCED MY THEME AND LAYOUT?

So please, I beseech you. Include complete synchronization of theme and Toolbar layout on any devices following my Firefox account.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Appreciate this feedback @CuriosityCat ! Providing sync alignment across devices is something that we are currently exploring for next year's roadmap...especially as we dive deeper into further defining the Colorways experience. Stay tuned for more!