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Like Opera used to do with it's m2 engine, before it got ruined.

A lot of poor people only have a phone to do internet and word-processing.  But, phone apps are crazy poor functioning, making things hard, and you can't back up very much to any file to keep it safe on card USB drive or external hard drive. Very poor.  The desktop opera used to be a leader, then opera android was pityful in compression.  But, something better than opera was, can save the day.

A Linux implementation that uses a translation layer to Android, would allow Linux phones to also use this.  I e code source shared with desktop, through a standardised android translation layer.


For android:

Work Spaces:

Email client Space

Usenet client Space

Chat Space

Push news feeds Space

Documents space.

Tabs space.

Sessions space.

Bookmarks space.

History space.

Ability for custom spaces for developers to put front ends for their services (twitter, social media, steaming etc).



Storage files client

Word processor html and pdf support, and word (company called textmaker knows how to do thos properly on android).

Database function and all records in the database.

Spell and gramma checker.

WYSIWYG Web page layout and scripting editor.

Select a range of anything and save anything anywhere.


All integrated together so, that the word processing and web layout can be used on any space.  The files selected and stored in any file accessible.

I have had much success with old opera and chrome in getting improvments.  But, android chrome browser is very reluctant, and the results are not as suggested.


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