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Status: New idea

I. So that Firefox has its own, proprietary option, so that the browser's clipboard can be turned on.


- each copied element would be saved separately 1 by one every time,

- it would be possible to remove any element or all of them with one click, in different places,

- mark some with an asterisk or in another way that they are important and block their automatic deletion when deleting all of them.

- currently, finding a good clipboard tool is very difficult, all of them work poorly, are makeshift, or are on the verge of liquidation

- Something like in the illustration, but in a more elegant, more energetic, more brilliant form, Firefox style. This is - Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool

- it is important that it works quickly, efficiently and is saved, ~encrypted, the content is only for the knowledge of the person who copies it, only in a given browser, but with the possibility of making all the content synchronize with the account and be saved on it like a regular one note/s.

- It would be great if the same could be done for the mobile application.

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i install it on every chrome or edge possible in the office we all use it i don't understand why there isn't something for firefox too i abandoned firefox a long time ago just because of the lack of this tool.