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Status: New idea

The new top bar implemented in this version of Firefox is impractical, slower and in terms of design has worsened. The old bar showed the Enhanced Tracking Protection icon, which was easy enough for the user to manage the blocked elements, instead of the new bar where you have to click on the lock and then click on a small bar to see the same information.
Besides, the padlock icon on the old version was much more beautiful and practical for those who wanted to have a better notion about HTTPS certificates, just click it.
The bar itself was also prettier, the dark colour is where I notice a bigger difference and the old one has a more uniform and formal look.
In addition, I notice that the Firefox versions that contained this bar are much lighter than with the new bar, to the point that on my smartphone I use version 80.1.2 because it is much lighter and more practical.

My suggestion therefore was to bring back the top bar present in version 80 (at least) and from there back, improves much the navigation and the design is much more appealing.


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