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The one thing that irks me more than anything else i how certain websites dominate searches. Every time i do a search the same website links keep coming up on the top 10. I cannot see how that's in any way good for anyone. Why do none of the web browsers have a built in function that allows users to list websites they never want to see in their searches? Currently the only way i can ensure that a website doesn't come up on a search i'm conducting is to do this "main search key words",  its way too cumbersome. The "block site" add on in fire fox doesn't seem to do as good a job as this the ** since the sites i don't want to see still display even with this fire fox extension.

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Making moves

I believe Mozilla won't implement this even though it might be a good idea, it's kind of not their thing to directly bake new features into Firefox anymore.


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I actually feel that this is a very important function especially for the future of browsing. We just cannot have a few heavy lifters dominating search results, its not a healthy situation at all.

Familiar face

Try searching and adding to the search query to exclude YouTube or to exclude Microsoft.  I have been using it ever since Google started giving priority to YouTube in search results number of years ago.