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Depending on the file name or the extension, or even the download source (free choice of the user)

The file can be saved automatically in the folder assigned to it by the user.

By filename: The user will assign a folder according to the filename, the parts of the filename that can be changed must include wildcards (?, * or *?);

Example: screen_capture_2022-09-31.jpg
The user will put the name of the file which must be moved to the "screen_capture" folder, like this: screen_capture_*.jpg OR screen_capture_????-??-*?.jpg

? = No matter the character, only one
* = Regardless of the characters, until the end of the string
*? = Any character, 1 or 2 characters before end of line/different type of character (numeric/alphanumeric) or punctuation. In the example above, the day of the date can be on 1 or 2 digits (the 7th day or the 28th)
**? = Any character, before end of line/different type of character (numeric/alphanumeric) or punctuation.

By its extension: *.mpg in the video folder

By the source of the file: All the files of a site will be stored in the desired folder. And this option can be combined with name and/or extension management.

Also, all sorting filters can be modified or deleted by the user, or even saved on the cloud for later restoration in the event of reinstallation of the browser.

What do you think ?

In attached file : Image of a screen mask, with a variant of this idea.

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