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我十分敬佩你们为开源做出的贡献,因此,我从心底喜爱Mozilla与Firefox,我很想参与测试Firefox推出的全部发行分支。但是,当我在Windows上安装目前Firefox的发行分支时,我发现Firefox、Firefox Beta、Firefox ESR 91.11.0与Firefox ESR 102.0拥有相同的默认安装目录。我尝试将其安装到不同的目录下,但是安装过后,我安装的上一个发行分支的开始菜单与桌面快捷方式被替换掉了。例如,如果我先安装Firefox后,再安装Firefox Beta,Firefox Beta的安装程序替换掉了我原本Firefox的快捷方式,我猜想其原因为这两个分支的安装程序采用了相同的默认安装目录,创建快捷方式时也采用了相同的名称。




Dear Mozilla Developers,


I greatly admire your contributions to open source, so I love Mozilla and Firefox from the bottom of my heart, and I would love to participate in testing all of Firefox's distribution branches. However, when I install the current release branch of Firefox on Windows, I found that Firefox, Firefox Beta, Firefox ESR 91.11.0, and Firefox ESR 102.0 share the same default installation directory. I tried to install them to different directories, but after this installation, the Start Menu shortcut and Desktop shortcut of the previous installation were replaced. For example, if I install Firefox first and then install Firefox Beta, and the Firefox Beta installer replaces my original Firefox shortcuts. I suspect the reason is that the installers for both branches use the same default installation directory and use the same name when creating shortcuts.

I understand that you've put a lot of effort into developing Firefox, but I really want to help Mozilla and Firefox for improving these distribution branches of Firefox. If you would take my humble opinion, I will esteem it a favor!

A Firefox user
July 8, 2022