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Status: New idea

Sometimes I need to make a backup of all my messages to free up disk space.

I would like Thunderbird to have an integrated tool with the following features:

Archiving entire mail or selected range: I would like to be able to archive all messages or select specific ranges for archiving. The archive should include emails along with their attachments.

Saving the archive to disk: The archive should be saved in a chosen directory on the disk. Additionally, it should be possible to save the archive as an encrypted zip file or in another format that ensures data security.

Proper character encoding: It's important for the tool to support the encoding of Polish and other characters so that all content is stored and read correctly.

Mounting the archive in Thunderbird: It's crucial to be able to directly mount the archive in Thunderbird as a new mailbox labeled as an archive. This way, I would be able to easily access the data, browse the contents, search messages, and check contacts and attachments.

Introducing such a tool to Thunderbird would allow me to easily manage my archived messages and maintain order on my disk.

Community Manager
Community Manager
New member

And I think, that option should be on right-click option on the mailbox.

Making moves

It would be helpful if there is option to set Archive folder to arbitrary folder, so we can for example set it to other disk. That would allow freeing space on main disk.

Making moves

Why is archives saving everything??