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Status: New idea

Currently the only way to turn off the warning for insecure passwords ( is via about:config, we should allow users to do this is via about:logins or some other setting page to provide a more user friendly way to change the setting.

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

In the past this option worked, but was disabled in a newer version.
I understand the reason for alerting the users about the insecure environment and given there passwords. But to disable it, you have to have "some" knowledge about disabling it.
So the users which are disabling it are dedicated to change it.

I'm a developer who has al lot of local (development) environments running to work. These environments are all running on the HTTP-protocol so on every login I'm receiving this (annoying) message.

Please re-enable the option to disable the message again.



Unless I've misunderstood

Take a look

If you'd like to try userChrome.css

#PopupAutoComplete > richlistbox > richlistitem[originaltype="insecureWarning"],
#PopupAutoComplete[resultstyles="insecureWarning"] {
visibility: collapse;

Copy/paste the code (for example) into Notepad
Type: All files

Create a chrome folder
Move userChrome.css to your chrome folder

Go to your profile folder Open Folder
Move your chrome folder to your profile folder

Searching for preferences toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets
To change a boolean (true-false) preference's value, double-click on the preference. to set it to true

Stop Firefox start Firefox

And test