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Status: New idea

In the earlier version of #Thunderbird with the plugin Enigmail, the keys were stored in the gpg key ring

Some specialists argue that there should be only one encryption key storage on a system and they advocate for the gpg keyring.

I can't judge whether the keys in the gpg-keyring are really more secure than in Thunderbird, but it makes sense to me that you should only have one store for encryption keys. It may be that the integration of the gpg-keyring with regard to other operating systems would have caused delays in the changeover phase.

Now the TB68->78 changeover is long over and it would be time to give Linux users full control again with all their practiced commands over their collected keys.

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> I can't judge whether the keys in the gpg-keyring are really more secure than in Thunderbird

Readings out there tend to show that the gpg-keyring is much more secure. Hence why I stopped using Thunderbird since version 78.

From the sole perspective of user experience: once Thunderbird's master password has been provided (by me), anyone having access to my computer is able to read my GPG-encrypted emails, which is a big annoyance (to me).

I'm willing to donate to the Thunderbird community project, but if - and only if - the Enigmail way of handling GPG keys is brought back.