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The primary "resting" tab in my browser is in the middle of the tabs I keep open. When I open a new tab either via a Ctrl+... or any means other than right clicking a link, the new tab opens at the far right of the list of tabs. When I close that tab, it switches to the one to its left, which is the new far right. Likewise, when I close a tab that is NOT on the far right (such as resulting from a right clidk), it switches to the one on its right. I would like an option such that closing a tab would do the same thing as Ctrl+Tab does, i.e. switch to the tab previously used, which is usually my primary "resting" tab, or the one in which I right-clicked a link (which is usually to the left, but if there are more tabs to the right, it goes to the right instead).

For example case 1: currently on tab 15 of 30, open LastPass launch on tab 31, close tab 31, go back to tab 15 instead of tab 30 as is the current (non-changeable) result.

For example case 2: currently on tab 15 of 30, open new tab 31 (for that matter, why can't it be new tab 16 of 31 instead?), see Pocket links, right click Pocket link to view later in tab 32, back to 31, right click another in 33, etc. Then do search/link in tab 31 erasing new tab, close that tab, go back to most recent Pocket tab which is now 31, view that one, repeat until first Pocket tab is now 31, close that and go back to 15, the last open tab before 31, rather than 30.

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