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I frequently have to copy the TEXT of a url/link, and currently I have to highlight the link, then use copy to get the text into the clipboard. It would be very useful, and I think simple to program, an additional choice to the right click menu on a url/link, the ability to just copy the text directly into the clipboard. Currently, there is a "copy link" but no "copy link text".

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There seems to be a misunderstanding with this issue. What we need is an option in the long press menu to copy the text of the link which one has has long pressed. Just as there is currently the option to copy the link, we need an additional one to copy the text of the link. I hope this ia clear now. Pls advise. Thx




Can you edit the name of this Discussion to "Add context menu item to copy link display text" or something like that to make it clearer what is needed.

Also, it would make sense to add it under the "Ideas" side of this site instead of Discussions.

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ok, i update title

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Guessing you want to be able to copy "TITLE" instead of "" from a hyperlink like below?

<a href="">TITLE</a>

This might help you in the meantime on desktop - you can hold Alt to highlight with the mouse (then copy) a link's text.

Dunno if it's possible to copy a hyperlink's title on Android.

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The fact that this feature is missing is genuinely one of the reasons I mainly use Chrome. If you want to copy a link's text, it's faster to just copy the url, go to chrome and then use the feature there than to fiddle around and try to get firefox to mark the text (which isn't even really possible in a lot of cases)

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The fact that this feature is missing is one of the main reasons I still use Chrome.

If you want to copy a Link Text, it's faster to copy the url, go to chrome, and use the copy link text function there, than to try and fiddle around to get Firefox to select the text. (which isn't even possible in a lot of cases)

Status changed to: New idea
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Add an option to copy link text

For reference, use this: Example Link!

With the copy link text feature, you can right-click (or long press on mobile) the link, press "Copy link text", and have this copied into your clipboard:


Example Link!


 Would especially be helpful on Firefox Mobile as it eases copying text on touch screen devices in some cases.