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I frequently have to copy the TEXT of a url/link, and currently I have to highlight the link, then use copy to get the text into the clipboard. It would be very useful, and I think simple to program, an additional choice to the right click menu on a url/link, the ability to just copy the text directly into the clipboard. Currently, there is a "copy link" but no "copy link text".

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Copy link text

An option in the context menu when you click on a link to copy the text from it. This is also available in some other browsers and I really miss it in Firefox.

for example:



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I appreciate the Mozilla mobile for Android development work, but this is definitely is a needed menu item when your trying to copy invoice or order numbers, such a basic requirement so needs implementation sooner rather than later Devs. Thsnks


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Have always loved this feature in Chromium browsers. It think it is even more important on mobile than on desktop, but both should have this. This feature was available on Chrome Android since at least 2014-01-10

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For info, there is an extension to do this now: Copy Link Text.

Of course it would be better to be integrated in the core. Maybe developers don't want to make a context menu item more, and want to make Ability to Edit Context Menus 1st.

However, if it can't be integrated in the core soon, it would be welcome to make the Copy Link Text extension a Recommended extension ASAP. It should not take a very long time since it contains very little code.


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any updates ?