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Have you ever wanted to send someone a link to a specific point on a lengthy webpage? Sometimes, you are lucky and the author included anchors throughout the page to specific topics (and even then that anchor might not be specific enough.) Or maybe you wish to bookmark something specific on a particular page w/o having to hunt for it later?

Add the ability to highlight a line of text on a webpage and create a link that'll take you/others directly to that line of (highlighted) text.

This wouldn't be difficult. Simply append the desired text to the page's URL (use the existing "#" anchor). Then from a (right-click) popup menu, offer the option to get the URL of that specific text. Then, when you bookmark/share the URL, it'll take you/them to exactly what you want to see (pre-highlighted.) Other browsers would simply ignore the superfluous link text.

It's a feature no other browser has that would make FF a much more attractive option.

Strollin' around

Copy links leading to specific page text/sections and highlight them

When browsing, be able to select/highlight text that is of particular interest, then right-click and select something similar to Chrome's "Copy link to Highlight".

When this link is followed it will take the user to the highlighted text on the page, ideally even highlight the text that was of interest.

This speeds up referral to sources and pointing out specific portions of text, whether to others or building your own reference library as I am for some topics of work.


Screenshot attached shows how the 'Symbols' section of the United Kingdom wikipedia page is highlighted, if opened with Chrome using this feature. Whoever follows the link will immediately be directed to this section of the page, rather than the top of the page as usual.

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