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Vivaldi browser has a great feature – when you hold the CTRL key and hover url bar, it highlights the hovered part of url up until closest slash (/) symbol; and when you click on it it jumps to the selected part of url:Will be great to see this funct...
On Macbook, when user performs 2-finger horizontal swipe for tab history navigation, a nice little arrow animation appears, which has two states:1) Gesture started but not completed: arrow will transition into view. If user lifts fingers, action will...
In 2023 it became absolete to show "https://" to every single page user visits, because the majority of websites has long shifted to using https protocol by default. Moreover, recent versions of Firefox force any website to use https protocol by defa...
When list-view tab switcher is enabled, favicons for each tab are not shown anywhere. I think it makes the navigation a little bit harder, and it seems to be a flaw of only this mode, because grid-view tab switcher displays favicons for each tab.It w...