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I would really like to be able to add a note to my emails. As of right now I just leave them unread until they have been follow through with or are completed but being able to add notes would help me keep track so much better. Example notes: Already forwarded to the accountant. Waiting for P&L Report to attach. #thunderbird# 

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Have you tried tags for short status.  like important personal etc.

On the message menu underv tags



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X-Notes is available as an add-on under Tools/Add ons and Themes.

Think this is what you want.

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I have long wanted something like this and recently found an extension called QNote that enables it. I do use it. Apparently from what others are saying there is also one called XNote.

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Email is a database that grows over time and tends to include huge amounts of vital personal or business information. But the tools we are given to manipulate and exploit that database are rudimentary at best.

The ability to add notes - or any custom metadata - to messages would be absolutely priceless.

Once upon a time, MS Outlook allowed adding columns to the inbox. I did a lot of tech reporting, so I had a column called "Company", and rules that would automatically fill in the company name based on the content or return address of the message. This let me instantly sort or filter my inbox view for names like "Samsung" or "Google" - including messages that had actually come from other addresses (from personal accounts, for example, or from PR agencies).

Another example. Some email clients let you set a 'follow-up' flag. But imagine adding a follow-up field, that would include details of what action was going to be needed.

The possibilities are endless - but email clients stubbornly ignore them. Today's email clients are data managers that give users only the most primitive ways to access their valuable data. (Brute-force search, for example, or ugly color coding.)

If there's ONE thing I'd like to see in an email client above all else, it's more database functionality. Assuming messages are kept in something like a standard SQL format, this should not be difficult to add - or at least to enable in add-ons.

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I always wanted to be able to annotate emails (eg highlight or add a post-it). I believe Xnote does some of this but support for non-native features is more likely to end.

Ideally, there would be a way for notes or tags to be copied back to the server, so that they can be synced across devices. I doubt POP3 and IMAP support this, so these metadata could perhaps be added as X-headers to messages, or stored in a separate database to be synced across devices through Firefox Sync when it becomes available.


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I've been using Thunderbird for about a year (Windows 10). My previous email app was Eudora. I would like to be able to make notes in received emails -- a simple example is an email with a blank subject field -- I would like to be able to insert the appropriate text in the subject field so the email will sort by subject. I also want to insert comments into the body of an email. These notes/comments should stand out to be visible and I guess shouldn't be passed along as part of the email if it is forwarded or replied to (or maybe that would be the default, but have an option to include them).

Right now, the only way I can do the above is to make the notes and then forward the email to myself. A wasteful kludge.

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At least for IMAP accounts we could support the ANNOTATE extension when available. If this extension is not available on the server a message part could be created to store the notes.