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Making moves
Status: New idea

In Firefox Android, I often have multiple tabs open. When I scroll up and down to navigate through the tabs, I sometimes accidentally close a tab. Probably because I was swiping diagonally up. I have a few seconds to click the undo button that pops up.

I've never intentionally used this gesture since I click the x button to close a tab.

Please add an option to disable the side swipe gesture.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

Could we make it optional upon choosing to swipe or hit the X button to close tabs? It is a good idea to have options like you recommend.

New member

Yes, I have the same problem. Very frustrating.

New member

I keep closing tabs accidently, the swipe gesture is too sensitive so would love an option to disable

Making moves

@nuskoolHave you restarted your device? Have you cleaned its cache? Mobile devices do not take commands very well without doing so. Today's hardware preforms nothing like it used to.

Making moves

@nuskoolHave you cleaned your phone's or tablet's cache? Have you attempted to restart it? Today's hardware is quite sensitive.

New member

I've noticed this became common in a more recent update. The old behaviour was better which suggests this is just a bug.

I like the idea of an option to disable the swipe all together but this could also be solved by just increasing the amount of horizontal swipe required to close a tab back to how it was before?

New member

Seriously annoying.

I often keep upwards of 100 tabs open.  Scrolling from top to bottom (or vice versa) always risks closing tabs... multiple times to reach the other end.

Why was this "feature" even considered?  There is already an option to close tabs.  And the time-out is far too short a time to respond.

New member

This "feature" is wreaking serious havoc in my life! No gestures should be turned on by default!!! I need to be able to turn this off ASAP!!!!!!!

Strollin' around

Adding my agreement to this.

It even closes tabs when I have the app switcher open. I will often open the app switcher, swipe to switch from Firefox to another app, and that swipe will still close one of my tabs instead!

I've never intentionally used this feature, would really appreciate an option to turn this off.