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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

Strollin' around

What is holding back this feature?!
Its the on the second place of all "Ideas", it has over 600, nearly 700 kudos and still on "exploring more"?
What are you waiting for?

I'm working with 3 windows permanently and on each minimum 25 to 30 tabs! You may ask "Why only 3 windows?" Its simple: on restart of FF it only brings back the last 3 windows of the last seasion. This browser is absolutly out of time without Tab-Groups! The biggest negativ on this!

Please speed this up!

Making moves

Hello, I'm sorry, developers, any progress on this issue?


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Instead of manually sorting the tab groups and naming them which is kind of tedious, why not have the tabs automatically generate a group based on if the user opened a new tab from within another tab. Basically it retains the hierarchy, but makes the group of tabs visually connected and less wide.

So for example, if I open up a youtube tab, and within that tab I open several youtube tabs, then it would create a group for all those tabs and shorten the width of each of those tabs compared to the width of a new tab that is not in any group.

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Yes please! I switched to chrome now just because of missing tab groups - bring them back!

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IMO for large amount of items toolbar, tab bar or menu are not good tools. My suggestion is central list view panel for bookmarks and maybe also for tabs.


Strollin' around

Mozilla should add an option to Group Tabs together so tabs can be a little bit more organized.

Request other sub-features as well:

* An option to rename a group tab
* An option to change the tab colour

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Legitimater! Just a heads up, there are other similar ideas for your sub-features:

Ability to rename tabs

Highlighted Tabs

Feel free to check those threads out, vote, and add your input.

Strollin' around

Please speed up releasing this feature and it's sub-features, so that I'll move again to work with FF instead of Chrome. Thanks in advance!

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Mozilla should add an option to Group Tabs together so tabs can be a little bit more organized.

I don't have a lot of tabs opened, but I have a lot bookmarks. For adding new bookmark, when star button is clicked panel shows itself in mode for adding new bookmark. If existing bookmark is clicked then new bookmark is inserted at that position and old is pushed one position further. In that way the new bookmark is added to similar and bookmarks are "grouped" without any grouping implemented. I guess that could work with tabs also.

Strollin' around

Simple Tab Groups extension recently broke for me, and I've had to use Sidebery which doesn't have global keyboard shortcuts... This being supported natively would be great.

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Tab Group

Do you consider adding tab grouping function?

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I've always been a Firefox user, but you are making me my life harder, chrome just makes it work, can't we just implement a good tab grouping? Make that tab bar more dynamic.

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I was a Chrome user for a long time. Loved their method of grouping tabs. Migrated to Edge as it's what we use for work. Then switched to FF in my personal life because Edge was getting bloated and slow. Now I'm wrestling with Simple Tab Groups (not simpler than Chrome!). Think I'm going to go back to Chrome again. Too bad, I really wanted to like FF.

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This should be brought in asap as a priority. Its 2022, there's no excuse not to. I, and I suppose millions others, will never be able to go through our gazillion open tabs across multiple devices this way. Grouping allows consuming tabs of a particular subject in one burst - the way it is currently, I'm exhausted just finding all tabs which I want to take in at one go.

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Just decided to switch back to Chrome. All this talk of tab grouping and the fact that it's still not implemented made me forget why I've stuck with Firefox all this time. Later!