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Status: In review

With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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I agree with @Rik . This is a must for Desktop and for Mobile.

Let me, by the way, get some frustration out of my mind @Jon :

I understand that probably no one at mozilla right now is responsible for past decisions but... Lets face it: Mozilla got lured by google into that cross-browser extensions platform "thing" that google came up with (as a way to gain control over addon development, iyam).

Firefox needed a refresh all those years ago, yes. But our extension system was far more powerful... so powerful that we had tab group addons even before chrome came up.
Our addon system could have evolved in other paths...

Now they dictate the rules and we play catch (unless we do what was done with Manifest V.3).

Sorry for my rant, but it's frustrating to see a project i like so much being used so little.

So, please, get tab groups working on mobile and, specially, on desktop 🙂

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This is the thing I miss most from the Chrome app. Putting my support behind implementing tab grouping and rearranging.

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Mobile tab grouping is a really useful feature, especially when you're able to drag and drop tabs together

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for jumping into this thread and sharing your thoughts! We are in the process of grabbing these top ideas that are 'In review' and seeing if we can share any updates with you all here shortly.

@Maverick74 no worries about the rant! This community is for everyone who cares about Firefox (and other Mozilla products) and wants to discuss ways to make it even better moving forward.

@evoxom there's also an idea thread for tab rearranging. Feel free to check it out here:

The ability to rearrange tabs in Firefox mobile

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I don't know what the current state of this is, but I think it is pretty similar to collections with the differences, that the tabs in a collection do not have to be open and you can not see/manage them in the tab overview. Also, as of now collections are only available on mobile I think, but that could change in the future. Maybe there should be a new section in the tab overview for a list of the collections? It's kind of already there on the homepage, but I think it would be much more accessable in the tab overview.

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If tab groups are implemented, maybe the synced tabs list on other devices (synced from PC at least) could be split into groups for each window?

I like to keep my tabs organized on PC by separating them into different windows (located in different working spaces), so it would be great to keep them organized when synced.

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Personally think iOS Safar tab grouping is the best implementation I've seen. It behaves the way I expect and allows naming of groups which I prefer to the chrome implementation which relies on recognition by glancing at the group preview

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Would love to see this be implemented, specifically on desktop to as it is what is limiting me from making firefox my main driver.

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I want this in the next update. Is it clear?

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I was looking for this feature while trying to clean up some of my tabs today, and was surprised to find it doesn't already exist! All this time I thought for sure a tab group feature must have been implemented, as even Safari and Chrome have it. 

Hope to see this very soon. Thank you!