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Making moves
Status: In development

Mozilla is the company we trust when it comes to online privacy, security, and the Open Web. Having a web service like Mastodon Social under the Mozilla umbrella will guarantee more freedom of expression on the Open Web.

I personally believe that it should be part of Mozilla's mission to support and protect Federated Open Source Services, that are not controlled by a corporation.

In fact, Mozilla already supports one of those federated services.

My idea is to create a web portal called where users could sign in with their Mozilla Account and enjoy a Twitter-like social experience powered by Mastodon's code.

The source-code of Mastodon is accessible on Github, and there are plenty of guides about how to install it and maintain it.



New member

Thanks! I already read the news on Mastodon 😉

Great plan!

New member

Very exciting!

Strollin' around

Eagerly awaiting to opportunity to migrate my current masto account over to Mozilla's instance! ❤️

Familiar face

Very excited to hear this. I think the ideals around the Fediverse certainly align with Mozilla's manifesto. It seems to me that it would be a great opportunity for people to learn more about Mozilla's work and the wider picture about the open web. Big +1 for this initiative and look forward to joining!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Exciting news...

Today we're expanding to a private beta as we continue working towards opening it up more broadly. Read all about it in our announcement blog post and join the waitlist.

Feel free to keep the conversation going (your feedback means a lot) and stay tuned for updates 😃

Familiar face

Very exciting news @Jon! Having read the blog post about Mozilla's belief in avoiding a "neutral" social network and taking the potentially harder route of building a community based on human dignity, security and collaboration, I've joined the waitlist. I think Mozilla can do some really good work here and I look forward to becoming involved in some way.

Making moves

Am on the wait list. I honestly needed a reason to join Mastodon so now instead of joining, I can join Mozilla's protocol instead 👌🏿

Familiar face

On this @Jon , do you get a sense of when Mozilla might be starting to accept those who have signed up to the waitlist?