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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hi everybody!

TB 102 has amazing new features, especially the integration of the webDAV standard.

The address book looks beautiful and Email-addresses in a contact are obviously clickable.

I suggest the same for telephone numbers. As far as I know, this should be fairly easy using the HTML tel: tag.

Hope to see this soon.

Best regards and keep up the amazing work!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

This is really a 'must have' in 2023

Strollin' around

This feature would be nice, but if added, a security warning message should be generated each time asking if the user would like Thunderbird to initiate a telephone call. The message must have the option to accept or decline to prevents users from making calls accidentally (by clicking on a link by mistake) and to serve as a general precaution for security reasons.

Familiar face

I do not know when,  but telephone links in the address book are clickable in 115, in my case they open skype dialer.