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Status: Delivered

[Crowdicity: Full controls on Picture in Picture mode window, 109 votes atm, "Mozilla developing"]

Currently PiP window can only offer 3 buttons (4 if you turn on the mute button in config). Additionally it can rewind videos, but you can only do that with arrow buttons.

It would be a lot more intuitive if PiP window provided an interface, similar to default browser video control panel with a few additions

pip controls proposal.png

My concept is on the screenshot, where 

  • bottom panel allows you to pause/unpause, seek video, control volume, go fullscreen, etc
  • at the top-left there is a favicon and page(tab) title from where this video is playing. Clicking it would bring you to that tab, but the PiP window would stay open (for cases, when you need to click something on website js player, etc).
  • at the top-right there are buttons that close this window with opening the original tab and without

Top elements have some space between them and edges so you are able to use this space to drag the window too (aside from area in the middle). Black bars on the screenshot are a part of video, but for videos without them, top elements, when shown, would have soft shading (to be able to see them).

There's also a discussion, created by Mozilla team about this and other video features:How can we make video experience in Firefox better for you? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Araxeus thanks for flagging this...there's a separate thread for volume here:

Picture in picture mode - an option to control volume (increase or decrease) 

But we'll be sure to bring this up with the PiP team to see if there is an update to share.

New member

oh go Mozilla!  You have the best PiP I've seen in any browser, but waiting years for the controls to be in the PiP windows!  

Thank you so much, it makes my life better every day with these feats.



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This is the best PiP I've seen in a web browser!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Jumping in this thread real quick with an exciting update - we are now working on the volume slider in PiP. We'll also share updates in the following thread here on Connect: Picture in picture mode - an option to control volume (increase or decrease) 

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and working with us to improve the Firefox experience 💪