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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Outlook which is mail client has free email service ""
However, Thunderbird doesn't have like it.
I want a email address free, secure, private, and simple.
I think everyone want the email which is made by Mozilla .

These are name of mail service I came up with.

  • Mozilla Mail
  • Firefox Mail
  • Thunderbird Plus
  • Thunder Mail
Status changed to: New idea
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It's hard to get security and privacy for free.


New member

Why not just use one of the already existing services?

New member

I think putting a link to existing privacy-friendly services would already be very useful

Strollin' around

Vivaldi has a free email service.




Making moves

I would rather have Mozilla focus on their core offering and make the best web browser in the world and let others take care of those extra services.

For example, it sounds like what you are looking for is a services like Murena (from /e/os fame). The two companies seem to have shared goals and each is good in their area.

So partnerships with others would be the way to go for things like this.

Strollin' around

I think Mozilla should focus on providing software rather than providing or marketing services (including Mozilla VPN).

Additionally, how would you finance such free service, other by advertising and selling user data? If you`d want a paid service, this wouldn't necessary require one to breach user privacy tu keep such service afloat.

However, I would welcome any initiative for cooperative online-services (run and owned by the community)

Making moves

Yes Great idea. Why go for other if u can have own email service

New member offers free secure private email that you can use through your favorite email client like Thunderbird or Seamonkey. In order to avoid abuse of such a secure anonymous gratis & Free service you have to have an invite code from an existing user. Feel free to contact me to request.

New member

I want a email address free, secure, private, and simple.

I am curious who is supposed to be paying for your secure, private and simple email service if it is free? It is defienetly not free to develop and maintain it, are you ok with advertisers having access to it?