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Status: New idea

Could you add a visual AND/OR sound notification when the download is complete ?

For somes reason, i can't run multiple download, only one by time, but between the downloads i don't want dead time. How ? I want to focus on one other app, and if the download is complete, i want a notification, sound (integrated or personalized, with volume control) and / or visual (size of visuel discret, blinking, and forced displaying like when i play a movie).

SOUND if i'm occupied on my screen with an other app, or if i'm not sit in front of my PC

VISUAL the night, i'm on mute mode, but also, we don't forgot the handicap persons (deaf)

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

Currently there is a visual cue for downloads completion: the icon for the downloads button will morph into a checkmark each time, even if downloads are simultaneous.

A desktop notification could be sent after downloads are complete, and would thus provide both audio and visual stimuli, but this would likely face some resistance since recieving multiple notifications one after the other could get really irritating. It might be set as an opt-in switch in about:config...

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the suggested warnings are not for a user downloading while surfing the internet. It's for those who want to do something else on their workstation like watching a movie or simply not staying in front of their computer.

Like a playlist, it would be a downlist that should be set up. The browser would leave the choice or not, either to download the files simultaneously or one by one. One of the most obvious reasons, but it is not the only one, is to have the files completed to be made available the fastest, because if the files are downloaded at the same time, the bandwidth is shared between files.

Once a file is downloaded, I am informed by the desired means (sound/visual), and it continues to download, which allows me to interrupt what I am doing to process the downloaded file while it continues to download.

LAST MINUTE ADD: If there was a way to delay between downloads, that would be a plus. Processing time may be required before the end of the next file is reached (lack of disk space, for example).