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Status: New idea

I work with ubuntu, it's really annoying when firefox tells you (don't ask, tell you) that everything has stopped and you have to restart the browser, for a refresh, especially when you have multiple tabs open at work.
I am not running a manual update of ubuntu packages (I have it in manual mode) and firefox seems to do it without asking, there is also no clear way how to disable it.
I already tried some solutions from the internet: modifying the specific advanced configuration, creating a json of policies, etc.
but i think firefox should have a clear and obvious way to disable this.

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I too believe you should first, have a choice to update, second, be informed as to what the update is and third, if you decide not to update quit being reminded constantly about the update. Thank you.

Making moves

Previously, there was an option in the settings to disable updates, please return this option.

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@JonCan you provide a link directly to that new idea so that we can vote it up, please?

And the funny thing is when did opting out of automatic updates become a NEW idea?? Even the current process of downloading them manually is flawed and very user hostile. The message that updates are available continues every time I reopen the browser because it wants me to manually update. This is a terrible design. After the alert is triggered and I dismiss it, it should not come up again until the next new update is available (which will be in 30 days as that is the schedule FF is on).

After you provide the link to the actual "new" idea I'll consider submitting my own support ticket if this isn't resolved. I've been a software engineer for over 30 years, and have had to watch as the software development seems to decline ignoring basic software engineering principles and practices. Going backward with capabilities is one of those issues I've had to watch. Cost over experience never works out. We as an industry learned this 30 years ago.

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I like Firefox's proposal and principles. And I use the browser a lot in my day-to-day, even a lot at work. However, I find it horrible to have to interrupt my browsing because an update has occurred and Firefox insists on having to restart it. It's horrible, I have several tabs open, and then Firefox takes time to load all the tabs and meanwhile, I, who was in the middle of my work, doing various things, have to interrupt my productivity, to wait for Firefox to reload all over again.

I consider it very important to keep apps always up to date. And I don't give up always updating when there's an update. But I don't understand why Firefox forces us to restart after an update. It could be as it is with any other application, as soon as I terminate my workflow, and voluntarily close my program, it finishes making necessary updates, but NOT in the middle of my usage!

Unfortunately, I got too stressed about it. I'm switching browsers. I hope one day Firefox FIXES this! It's not a feature, it's a BUG! They can even let me know when the updates don't interrupt my browsing flow anymore, that I'll use Firefox again, but for now, it doesn't work anymore, I'm sorry.

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11.09.2022, 08:22
I am 16 hours a day and longer with Firefox online. It really bothers me that Firefox constantly asks me in the middle of my activities to carry out an update.
It would be better if he reminded me of it at the first start! That would be less annoying.
(Translated by Google from German.)


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That is a really annoying feature to break a regular workflow with restart prompt.

Auto-update was customizable in the previous versions, but recently have disappeared.


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Or EASY #DIY just disable the FireFox Update Service called Mozilla Maintenance Service" service name "MozillaMaintenance"



Making moves

Here's an idea: what if FF, when it does a background update, installs it in a "staging" location, say on Linux /usr/lib64/.firefox-staging/ or something along those lines (my original thought was to use a filesystem overlay but that's probably not a universal thing). Add some logic to FF's startup so that it will check for a staged install and if it finds one, it will swap in the staged version.

This way, no need for the hated "Restart to maybe get your work back, but no promises" screen, just wait for a reboot or for the user to close FF normally. Next time it starts up, new version.

If you must still irritate users, you could have a periodic check for the staged version and pop a dialog like "A new version of Firefox has been installed in the background and will be active when you restart! [Restart Now] [Not Now]"

I see no real downside to this idea, but I am often wildly incorrect. Being old, I have little patience for the modern UX trend of removing/hiding basic functionality like scrollbars and dictating to users what they are supposed to want, but I guess this is just the way the kids like it now. But this can all happen behind the scenes.




@Nich wrote:
Previously, there was an option in the settings to disable updates, please return this option.

Additional information

Starting from Firefox 63

The option to Never check for updates was removed from about:preferences. You can use the DisableAppUpdate enterprise policy as a substitute.