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BMS+ 2 is dead now, what a pity! With FF built in BM-manager you are able to create bookmarks too of course. You can even create folders to gather bookmarks of specific themes to separate folders. But: Let's say you've got a hundred folders with different themes after some years - yes then you will only be able to find a specific bookmark - but there will be no possibility to show the path of the found bookmark - as far as i can see.
Bookmarks search plus - on the other hand - always showed the bookmark in the folderpath - not only the result of the search itself. Would be VERY nice if you could implement this simple 'system operating function' to FF.
Thank you very much!

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Hi, I assume you mean this extension: 

It is still there, so I'm not clear on the problem. Did it stop working for you in Firefox 100?

Regarding identifying the folder, Firefox recently got a new context menu option. After you conduct your search, right-click the bookmark and choose Show in Folder to flip the view back to the folder hierarchy with that bookmark selected.

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It is crucial to be able to search by bookmark-folder name.

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Would this help? Adding to what jscher2000, when you do a search in the bookmark manager, right click on a result, and you will see the option "Bookmark Path".  A mouse hover will reveal the folder