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Making moves
Status: Trending idea

Ability to Edit Context Menus to remove unnecessary options.

Making moves

In the olden days there were extensions like that (for example Menu Wizard) but the new ones can't modify the context menu anymore.

You can edit the context menu the hard way though via userchrome.css.  Someone was so nice and created some css files so you don't have do all the work yourself.

It's more complicated than it should be but at least we can do something about it. The Github project make it as painless as possible.

New member

I need this feature! At this moment i have a huge context menu, with 6 items created by extensions. I don't need those things in my context menu.

An option/setting for every extension to allow/disallow contextmenu items would be nice.

New member

I would love to add the "Home" and "End" commands to the right click menu so I wouldn't have to touch my keyboard while browsing.

Making moves

+1 great idea

Making moves

13 and counting options when I right-click a tab is absurd. Let me easily remove some, or at least reorder them. Doing it through config files is more tedious than it needs to be.

New member

Swapping menus' positions would be awesome! Especially ones from add-ons.

I simply want to make one add-on's button to be above all other add-ons' buttons

While "ability to remove them" would kill simpleMenuWizard for me personally, I don't mind it.

New member

this the screen I get on my laptop
I have sometime an item which is selected by its one
this makes me $%#@!!!

full of options I NEVER usedfull of options I NEVER used

Strollin' around

This would be a very welcome addition.

New member

I simplied conext menu would be great. The menu has gotten crazy and is full of junk items that noboday whom I know uses. On the other hand one of the most needed items "Mark as read" is missing. The context menu frustrated me so much that I switched back to MS Outlook which is sluggy, but has far better, user orientied menu structures.

New member

this should be a basic feature