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Why is there no dislike idea?

Aside from kudos, there should be a dislike button too. That way, users can vote down ideas that seem unnecessary or they disagree with.If the concern is that it would discourage people from submitting ideas, then the number of dislikes could be hidd...

brixter by Making moves
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Resolved! Why do you decide for the user which search to use?

You removed the search from Yandex, but on what basis do you DECIDE FOR ME what to use for me? I am doing search engine optimization, I need to have ALL search engines in my browser, but for some reason you decided for me to remove the search engine ...

Alex by Making moves
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new updates firefox nightly mobile

                I really want that mozilla is gonna share what they have updated in the firefox nightly mobile version. Lately i'm finding new stuff just by accidents. like that cookie banner reduction is gone and replaced by something else or now th...

Jeppie by Making moves
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Personal Feedback and Suggestions

I am sairam from India, Firefox is my first browser and  sadly it works as not expected.When i am using windows it works perfect and in Linux distro's firefox not working as expected.My Encounters:1. Ubuntu Sync features not worked some times2. You P...

Mozilla Employee-Hosted Discussions in the Community

Did you know that Mozilla employees (Product Managers, Engineers, and more) are actively hosting discussions right here in the Mozilla Connect community? It’s true! This ongoing series is an exciting opportunity for us to connect directly with you al...

Jon by Community Manager
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Keep Tab Order!

I keep several tabs open all the time, and I like them in a certain order. But when I move a tab, in either direction L or R, it snaps back to the way it was. I do not want this.I want to be able to drag Tabs to where I want them and make it stick.Is...

Babs by Making moves
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Google Drive Migration

If you are looking for a solution to migrate the data from the current Google Drive to One Drive, you can check the third-party software like the Shoviv Google Drive migration tool. This tool offers some of the most amazing user interfaces that will ...

Question: Extension access to local files?

Hi, guys, would like to know if this is normal behavior of Firefox?my setup, firefox 117 32bit on windows 10, two of them, one with betterfox, one with lepton, both for customization.I just suddenly found out that, in Violentmonkey, if i make a scrip...

European Sync Server location planned? (GDPR?)

Since the Firefox Sync server is located in western US (can tell from the server name sync-1-us-west1-g.sync.services.mozilla.com in sync logs), are there any plans to also add a european Sync server? Wouldn't that also even be required according to ...

Dan by Making moves
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