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Some suggestions for the new Firefox view

So here is list of suggestions i have for the new Firefox view which is now available in nightlyI honestly think this is a really great thing to add and can be used to introduce the user to some new and less know firefox features.Like i just a minute...

scarlett by Making moves
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Having more vivaldi features would be awesome

Having more vivaldi features like two level tab-stack, sidebar with the ability to add web pages, a status bar below, swipes gestures, adding a new tab picture and a more customizable interface with the same level of security in Firefox would be awe...

RishP by Making moves
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Preload PDF pages

When opening a pdf file in the browser's built-in reader (even a locally stored pdf), the pages are only loaded when the user scrolls sothat pages come into view. When scrolling back up, the pages have to load again and it seems they are not stored i...

Dan by Making moves
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Improving performance per resource, not absolute performance

Competition, for example, faster page loads compared to Chrome, may degrade performance per resource.Demanding resources from users is the same as demanding high spec hardware. In other words, it imposes an economic burden on users. I am concerned th...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Topic tree / ThemenBaum

Good day, if the topic tree is set as the display form, it is often difficult to recognize new incoming mails. Would it be possible to find/recognize/tag the new ones better? Kind regards Guten Tag, wenn der Themenbaum als Anzeigeform eingestellt ist...

Ricci by Making moves
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Right click > print PDF

Hey there, I noticed, that when I try to print a PDF file from the right click menu on Windows 10 (which I linked to Firefox by default), I do not see an option to print it.On the other hand: when PDF files are linked to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, I do...

Prodigio by Making moves
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New user switching from Chrome

Hi,I've tried Firefox in the past a few times and always came back to Chrome.I wanted to give it another go, as I do every few years.So, the transition wasn't the best, here's my 5 cents:1. Starting Firefox with OS and Keeping its process running in ...

Plazmex by Making moves
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Suggestions for improving the Bookmark function

I hope to increase the length of the 'bookmark this page' window in Firefox. The current length only shows 6 folders. It is very inconvenient to scroll and find when there are more bookmark folders.Added the function to search for folders by name in ...

Few by Making moves
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