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please add these features for Firefox Mobile

Give option for users to choose wallpaper in deviceprovide automatic home screen wallpaper changing feature/service.Give option to edit website link in homescreen shortcut.Website shortcut should be bottom of the screen for reachability.While clickin...

Ability to use Firefox as a swiss knife of programs

Hey, i believe Firefox already has the ability to replace most programs out there on anybodies computer  such as html and pdf viewers, i believe that every program should be replacable by firefox and that the program should be written in such a way; ...

Check out my new Firefox add-on collection

Hello, i suggest everybody check out, rate & contribute to my new Firefox add-ons collection! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/18089729/essentials/^ Link Edit: Is supposed to be for general use, nothing crazy; just what people nor...

Enhancing the Incognito Mode Experience in Firefox

Dear Firefox Team,As you may have noticed, other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Bing, etc. have implemented a visually distinct transition when switching to Incognito Mode. Instead of relying solely on a symbol or icon on the tab bu...

Teknevra by Making moves
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No Download Progress Bar on Mobile App

I noticed during downloads on mobile that there aren't any progress bars whenever you're downloading something. There's a notification but you'll never know how much time does your download need or if it's done or not. If it stalls or stops, it just ...

Thunderbird v115 made Search really hard to use...

When I use the Global Search, it does find the emails I'm looking for, that match the terms.But, once I click on one of the results, all it does is open a new tab with ALL the emails of that thread.... (and not even in the threaded mode).Now I have t...

np5 by Making moves
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