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Wish to reset my Thunderbird Email to original default settings? Please Help!

Making moves

Hi there

I am going round in circles trying to get my 2 email accounts with you to reset to default settings as I am experiencing some technical issues.  I have no idea how to post a question on line and don't use twitter or facebook.   I have your email address from the past and is no longer working.  there is nothing on utube which would be most helpful!


The main issues are:-

I have accidently merged email conversations with the 3rd party into one.  Now when there is a lot of dialogue it all looks alot messier and takes too long to find the data compared to Outlook.  The original format was much better.  

Unable to view history tab and hit the reset to original defaults button!  Instructions are unclear.

All I wish to do is to reset my thunderbird account to default settings.   there are no clear messages on the forum to find this information.  I am lost at sea.

Please could you email me clear instructions on how to do the above? 

Preferably in the format below:-

 ie account settings/reset/enter - format please -  step by step

Many thanks