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Thunderbird front end repeated mailbox authentication failure

Making moves

What would be the most likely cause for the Thunderbird front end to repeatedly fail to pass authentication any of my 5 mailbox servers?

This issue can happen to any one of them, *hotmail*, *yahoo*, or my personal independent mailbox server * bluetiehome*.

It happens more often than not, I will repeatedly see the notice flash up on the lower right corner of the screen.

Because Thunderbird hasn't logged into *a* server I can't write, send or receive emails. All I *can* see is what is listed in each of the mailbox inboxes, sent, saved from a previous session that DID log in.

There is nothing wrong I can see with any of the mailbox server settings *imap*, they are all basically set to * default* for that mailbox server. The smtp servers are all set to *default* as well.

This has me puzzled & it's a bit of an annoyance not being able to send because the Thunderbird settings haven't passed authentication to the mailbox I am using.


*apologies on a similar previous post.....went to the incorrect sub group