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Thunderbird email problems

Making moves

Hi There,

I am currently running Thunderbird version 102.4.2 (64 bit) and since some recent auto updates, I have the following problems:

1  When I open the software, I get all of my new emails, as normal. After a while I notice I am not receiving any new emails. I then close the program, re-open it and now I get more new emails, which I can read with no problem. This has only started happening since the recent auto updates, less than a week.

2  Sometimes when I restart the program, I get new emails, but when I try to open them, all I get is the previous email to/from/subject lines and a blank email body. I then restart AGAIN and now I am able to read my emails.

3  I have used Thunderbird for many years and have found it to be an excellent product, but this current situation is VERY off putting!! I have asked for assistance on these forums and have received NOTHING worth any help.

I also find that to try to get a help desk type person, is not possible. There may very well be a place to find this, but with my limited knowledge of computers I cannot find it, and it i snot very visible on any screen. There is NO simple table or icon I can click to get me there as there is with many other software programs.

Is there ANYONE out there who can actually assist me in getting what I considered to be a great email program back on track and stop me wasting so much time having to restart the program on my computer every ten minutes? I have no email problems on my phone, although it runs a different program.

My computer is running Windows 10 and gives no other problems.

Thank you in advance.