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The latest update makes Firefox almost unusable

Making moves

It is so. slow. I've tried it on 3 different devices (phones and a laptop) and I have to click all buttons multiple (2-4) times before they work. Copying and pasting is a nightmare with how slow it is. The home page on mobile often freezes up and has a seizure with all the icons twitching around the screen. All pages take a long time to load and they freeze up too. Even the slightest task is difficult and annoying as all hell now. It sucks, and that sucks because I love Firefox.


Making moves

I certainly agree 106 is significantly slower, I am not sure any bench test was done, would be nice to have some comment from staff to explain why it is so much slower, why they thought it was acceptable, what they are going to do about it in 108, (assuming 107 fixes the user controls as I have requested as the next update as a priority)