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Stop forwarding updates every morning

Making moves

I have been using Firefox for years, however not on a very regular basis.
I'm using it 2-3 times per week, and I am under the impression that a new update is available every time I open firefox.
More often than not, I will disregard this update. But regularly I install the update in hope that it will stop prompting me for an update at every startup.

But today was too much. After installing the last update, I have no internet access on Firefox. No internet page will load. I can browse within the few existing tabs that I had already open, but I cannot open a new tab and use it. I can only click on links within the tabs that work.

Firefox also pinned itself to the taskbar without asking my permission.

I don't care about firefox not working, I have one or two other browsers. This is purely to help improve the product with feedback.

WE DO NOT CARE about constant updates with benefit that we have no idea about. And especially when these updates will just lead to breaking things that previously worked.
The problem is rampant in the IT industry, but with Firefox it's really exacerbated. Please stop doing it so much.

The best solution ? If there is an option to disable auto update (or even suggesting to update) : tick it by default. 
But apparently the solution to disable that is very time consuming and technical, by going to regedit. Do you think most users are going to do this, or just stop using Firefox for another browser that works without bothering them so much ?

Thank you


Making moves

I agree. Firefox has way too many updates. Almost every time I open Firefox there is an update. Out of all of the browsers I use (which also include Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Vivaldi), Firefox seems to update the most. There needs to be a way for the user to disable or reduce these updates, if Firefox insists on providing updates so often.

Making moves

Are you sure you don't talk about Nightly or Beta versions? I mean main version may be as well updated kind of often sometimes, but not on a regular basis:


115.0July 4
115.0.1July 7
115.0.2July 11
115.0.3July 27
116.0August 1
116.0.1August 4
116.0.2August 7
116.0.3August 16
117.0August 29
117.0.1September 12
118.0September 26
118.0.1September 28


Every few days is too often.

Still getting update pop-up notifications from the menu in the top-right of the browser that cover a good portion of the screen. Not as bad as forcing updates on open, but still distracting and time-wasting. Any way to disable these notifications? The settings offer "automatically install" or "check for updates", the latter of which I've selected, but I don't see anything about disabling the notifications.

Familiar face

Hi there, daily updates sure does sound like the nightly version.

I am on the Beta variant and even i don't get that many updates.

Could you post the update channel in about:support ?

screenshot - 18012024-1622.jpg