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Making moves

Sports? What are Sports?

Sports are any games that have rules and have the proper equipment and facilities required for playing.

sports can be any game that is played.

A good example of a sport is a game: chess, ludo, baseball, or basketball.

A good example of a sport is football .

Football formally known as soccer in America is a famous sport played by 89% of the world.

Football is known to be played with a ball football boot and a goalpost.

The Objective of Football: The aim of football although fun and recreation is mostly used as a career that people use to make a living.

we have many people who use football as a way to make a living in life.

People who play football and use football as a living are called Footballers.

Types of equipment and facilities used in football are:

Football Boot:

Football boots are used as protective gear in football and enhance a player's speed.

Knee pad:

A knee pad is used in football as protective gear for the knee cap it prevents injuries like fractures of the knee cap and sprain, strain, etc

Football jersey:

A football jersey is not protective gear rather it is decorative gear worn to hide a player's nakedness and why it a decorative gear is because it bears the color of the club.

This particular equipment has its varieties because a club has three types of jerseys.

Home Jersey: This is the jersey worn in the club's home stadium it has the color of the club.

Away Jersey: The opponent wears this jersey in the visiting stadium.

Alternate Jersey: This jersey is neutral and mostly worn in competitions.

Goalkeeper Handglove: This is worn by the goalkeeper to protect his hand and to guard the goalpost.

One of the facilities needed in football is a football pitch and a goalpost to score in.

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Making moves

Making moves



Making moves

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