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Size of vertical scroll bar on folder pane is too large and total column have zero pixel from number

Making moves


In my Thuderbird installation, 102.0.1 version black theme on Windows 10 21H2 white theme and rotation background images, vertical scroll bar on folder pane have zero pixel from numbers of total column.

Have you any ideas to fix it?




Making moves

Same issues here, recently upgraded from Thunderbird 91.11.0 [64bit] to 102.0.3 [64bit] on Windows 10 21H2 and find that the totals shown [when Layout\Folder Pane Columns selected] to be nearly cropped they are so close to the scroll bar - as Moseweb indicated - zero pixel from numbers of total column. I had the same visual issue with Thunderbird 91.11.0, thankfully I do not have this Layout\Folder Pane Columns selected all the time so it is no great biggie, would be nice to have this sorted. 

I have just checked an older version portable install of Thunderbird 78.14.0 and the Folder Pane Column numbers are displayed correctly, they are a few pixels away from the scroll bar and are fully legible, obviously a minor design \ coding glitch has crept in during major version layout upgrades that would be nice if were resolved again.