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Saving Passwords Stopped Working

Making moves

Version: 98.0.2 (64-bit).

After my old computer died, one of the first steps was to install Firefox. That was a couple of weeks ago. After visiting all my regular websites, clicking the "Save" button on login credentials, I noticed that it was no longer working. Revisiting websites, the passwords on my home PC are not filled in like they used to be. I go to about:logins and it shows "No logins found." The Save User-Password popup doesn't seem to be working! All those "Saves" evaporated!

When I click the Create New Login button (lower left), and after typing in all the information and clicking Save, the screen blurs and a message appears that I need to log in to Synch. Okay, so I click log in, and do NOT see a create account button or link (never heard of Synch before today). So, I attempt to log in, which fails, naturally (because I don't have an account and Firefox forgot to create a "create" button. AFTER I've "changed" my password to my new account, I log in and still get the same blurring and demand that I log in.

Appears broken! Please fix.



@RodMartinJrsorry to hear your Firefox does not want to save logins anymore. Can you share a bit more details so we can figure what's going on:

1. Which OS are you using - Windows, MacOS or Linux?

2. Do you have Primary Password set up?

3. When you visit Settings, do you have "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" checked?

Thanks, Serg.

1. OS = Windows 7 Pro

2. I'm not sure what that means. I have a password for and I'm guessing also for (which appears to be where I am now). In the upper right corner of Firefox, my face appears with the tooltip, "Firefox Account." Is this what you mean? If not, why would I want to setup a "Primary Password" and what would it affect?

3. On Settings, "Ask to save," "Autofill," "Suggest," and "Show alerts" are all checked.

I've been getting the "Save Password?" prompt every time I log in, but clicking "Save" has no effect, and clicking the "Create New Login" button on the "Logins & Passwords" page results in page blurring, request that I log in (which is silly, since I'm already logged in), and then the "New Login" disappears when I attempt to log in AGAIN.

Also, the first time I was prompted to "Log in" to Firefox, knowing that I did NOT have an account, I searched for a button or link to CREATE a new account, but I found none. I made up a password, which, of course, failed, but then I clicked the "Reset Password" function and then used the password I had just attempted using. A bit clumsy, that.

I'm tempted to roll back to an earlier version if this isn't fixed, soon. Hoping for the best.

Rod Martin, Jr.
Retired Software Engineer


@RodMartinJrsorry for the late reply.

2. There is Primary Password feature that can be found in Settings, but it doesn't look like you have set this one up. It's useful when you want to add extra layer of security; it will ask for that password prior to filling your logins or accessing them. It can also blur screen sometimes, so I thought it's best to confirm if you are using it or not.

I'm trying to reproduce the issue, but so far no luck 😞


Thanks, Serg.

I don't like being forced to add layers of security where I don't need it. I appreciate Firefox giving me the option to opt out. Other tech companies are not being as cordial. On my laptop, yes; on my desktop, no! If I were famous, perhaps.

I noticed at least one other person had the same problem, and the common element was a new or rebuilt system; i.e. starting on EMPTY.

I installed an earlier version of Firefox, told it I did NOT want it automatically upgraded, but it did the upgrade anyway!!! (Yikes!) But before it did the upgrade, I added a few credentials manually. When the upgrade was complete, credentials could be added by both the dropdown (upon logging in for the "first" time), or manually on the password page.

See if you can replicate this on a system which is entirely new with version 98.0.2.

Rod Martin, Jr.

I had a PC I was not using much that I needed for some important correspondence. I did an update and sync no longer worked or responded to the password. Firefox did and unannounced update, as it just did on this start up... and wiped out all my bookmarks that went back to my Pentium II era browsing. I am pissed to say the least. Worse yet... it get's worse... my 2 Anrdoid phones and my Android tablet no longer sync either. I cannot turn off this WIN7 PC, because the bookmarks and logins from tha last update will get blown off again. 



@BriFi19  please file a bug so relevant teams can investigate.

Making moves

Same story here. After a massive hard drive crash, I am building up a new drive. I downloaded and installed 98.0.2. Works great, except it will not save passwords, although it offers to do so when logging in at multiple sites. After logging in and checking the about:passwords page it displays:

"No logins found

When you save a password in Firefox, it will show up here"

in the left window. In the right window it displays:

"Looking for your saved logins? Turn on sync or import them."

Thanks for your kind attention!

@HelpleaseWhat OS are you using? Do you use Firefox Account to sync data across your devices?

Unless Firefox fixes this issue right away, you might go back to a 97.x version. Add one or more credentials and then upgrade to the latest version. Apparently, the 98.x version doesn't like to add on EMPTY.

Best regards,
Rod Martin, Jr.

Making moves

My saved logins have disappeared.  None of them are there.  All other saved settings appear to be fine.  How do I recover all my saved logins?  I am running windows 10 and use fire fox on that device only.  Thank you.

@ajsabodo you know after what your logins disappeared?

Making moves

Ditto Me In.. DanDcs1 😞 ..

Here's My Post-

The Original FirFox Browser That Came With My Xtra-PC ThumbDrive Purchase Would Let One Save Login Data For Web Sites Using A Master Password For The Browser.. Unfortunately, The Lastest Update Version 88.0 Ubuntu (Linux) Is Broke It; Now.

Y O U R . P R O D U C T . N O . L O N G E R . W O R K S . A S . A D V E R T I S E ! . D a n D c s 1 . 😞

@DanDcs1  sorry to hear it doesn't work for you. Can you describe what exactly is not working? Can you tell us what version was originally installed?

Making moves

1) I'm sorry that I can't find the original FireFox browser information anymore on my Xtra-PC (Ubuntu / Linux) setup. The (Version 88.0, 32-bit) upgrade wiped-out the original FireFox version identification; and, my memory of what it was has faded.

2) The problems with (Version 88.0, 32-bit) are:

o It can NOT save the login data (UserID, Password) for Internet sites that one logs into; despite what you advertise; when, one TRIES TO SET-UP a primary (previously called- master) password for the FireFox browser.

o Your 'SYNC' functionality can NOT (import, restore) the passwords saved from another FireFox (Version 100.0, 64-bit) setup on a separate notebook Personal Computer (PC) using the Windows 10 Pro Operating System.. That FireFox setup (under Windows 10) CAN save the login (UserID, password) data for Websites that one visits using a Primary Password to control access to the login data.