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saved as a username when not wanted

Making moves


I have a big issue with firefox about the way it saves userneme. I sometomes enter too quickly my password so I enter it in the username field just behind the username (eg. I type the ltter "A" instead of tab key and "enter" at the end). The result is that my password appears in the field just after the username. The problem is that as I validated thfield, firefox memorize it (username followed by password).Then it appears in a drop-down list and it's not a big deal for anybody to guess this the password just after the username.

Problem #1, at no time I'm asked if I want it to be saved, it does without my consent.

Problem #2, the only way to cancel it is to search in the mozilla directory, findthe containing the string then, delete the file.

I can't understand such a big security can occur.